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It is hard to imagine that divorce can be civilized, but it can be.

We make it our mission to educate clients seeking divorce counsel about options they have other than litigation. In doing this work, we have worked hard to establish relationships with mediators, collaborative attorneys, mental health professionals, insurance and mortgage specialists to serve the best interests of our clients.

Sally Boyle is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a member of the Association of Divorce Financial Professionals and Chairs the Divorce Alliance of New Hampshire. Assisting families considering divorce to avoid litigation is core to her mission.

Most divorce issues concern money and parenting. Once families understand their financial issues within a litigated system, they are generally willing to negotiate. They begin to understand how taking control of their divorce process serves the best interests of their family.

Our work includes:

  • Assisting in the collection and confirmation of required financial data
  • Providing education of procedural options: mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation.
  • Demonstrating how alternative settlements will impact your financial future.
  • Incorporating your settlement into a comprehensive plan intended to help you to continue to work toward your financial goals.

We put the financial analysis at the beginning of the process. Settlements we illustrate comply with family law. Appropriate financial settlements are critical to establishing a family harmony that allows for proper co-parenting. Attorneys are rarely specifically trained in personal finance and divorce financial planning. They are trained in the law which is expertise we do not provide. Once a settlement is found acceptable seeking an attorney to draw the appropriate documents is a logical step. We strongly encourage you to make your first stop here to get your complete financial analysis. Should you ultimately retain an attorney, they can use our reports. Do not go into negotiation without knowing your full financial picture.

Many families have been impacted by divorce. You are not alone. You can take control of your divorce. Your family deserves it.